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I painted 5500 portraits of forgotten shelter dogs to stir the conscience of our nation, for the emergence of a more compassionate generation.

Be an ANGEL and support the life-saving work of our partners at “Humane Society Naples, “ by investing your heart & opening up your home to our stunning pup portraits & belong to our one-of-a-kind, 5500 collector's circle... for as little as $1-a day

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We are excited to introduce you to our new partner, Humane Society Naples! A no-kill shelter doing exemplary, life-saving work for all of our forgotten shelter animals.

After the recent devastating hurricane; right here in Naples, Florida, they demonstrated true resolve and took compassionate leadership to new heights. While overwhelmed by the amount of displaced and abandoned pets, their stewardship saved countless lives and inspired animal lovers around the nation!

Please support our quest to save the rest by adorning your home with our beautiful and poignant artwork. Because of your generosity, Humane Society Naples will receive $100 from every 5500 Collector's Circle portrait you buy, 40% from every print, and $950.00-$1,870.00 from every custom pet portrait!

Humane Society Naples

Art from the Heart

We paint with purpose. We make our mark!

The Highest art is created for social impact

Paving the way, Mark Barone painted 5500 shelter dogs to depict the number destroyed, every day in the USA.

Social impact art, engages kids at a depth that's crucial for cultivating compassion and individuality.

Having a voice in society and free speech is crucial to our well being and safety. Art has the power to echo what needs to be seen and transformed so that, all atrocities can reach the light without the fear of further oppression.

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