Shelters are filled with abandoned pets and 22 Veterans perish every day because their war never ended!

Your support is the key to unlocking the stolen lives of our Veterans & Shelter dogs and giving them back the freedom to live, love, & thrive.

An Act of Dog's game-changing partner, Semper Fi Service Dogs, rescues abandoned dogs from shelters and trains them for Vets in need; saving 2 lives, instead of one.

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Semper Fi Service Dogs

As seen on the Today Show, Ryan Onda is the heart & hero behind his life-changing charity and a Veteran who served as a Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare Defense Specialist in the U.S Marine Corps.

As the pack leader and master trainer with over 20 years of expertise, Ryan has created an unparalleled "Pack training system" designed to end the suffering of every Veteran with PTSD, TBI, and MST by matching them with abandoned rescue dogs; bonding them for life with unwavering love and dedication.

We donate 40% of every Print and $100 from the 5500 Portraits, and 10% of custom portraits to help their honorable mission.

A small act of kindness can change their lives in an instant. Getting our soulful dog art is a great start!

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Fred Soll's - Incense for The Connoisseur

We're honored to be supported by Fred Soll's-Resin on a stick because they make the finest & purest incense in the World!

They are handmade and hand dipped, using plant and tree resins, herbs, powders, and oils and dried in sunny Tijeras, New Mexico.

Scientists have shown how plant essences can produce a calm, relaxed state of mind, and how well people and animals respond to the power of nature.

Get your sample when you buy any of our art and receive an incense holder with every portrait!

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We are thrilled to have the support of our friends at Underground Beverages with their delicious and new, Cold Brew Coffee line.
The London Underground is an iconic brand in the UK, and loved around the world. We are honored to get a percentage of sales donated to our charity and are excited for its upcoming launch in the USA.
It's Iconic - Organic - Plant-based

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Kids Art from the Heart

We paint with purpose. We make our mark!

The Highest art is for social impact

Paving the way, Mark Barone painted 5500 shelter dogs to depict the number destroyed, every day in the USA.

Social impact art, ignites the spark for deeper conversations and potentiates more compassion.

It’s crucial to our well-being and safety to have our voices heard in society and maintain the freedom to express different ideas, without fear of being silenced or oppressed.

Because art has the power to illuminate what is hidden and bring it to the light, it can forever change the status-quo.

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