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Right now, 5500 portraits of forgotten souls sit alone in a cold, dark storage locker, wondering if their lives ever mattered

You can change that by opening up your heart & home and belonging to our 5500 collector's circle... for as little as a $1-a day

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Kids are the unwrapped gifts of the future...

Let's lead them with compassion and they will create a just and humane world for people and animals. Our work with schools, empowers students by giving them a voice and showing them how to create art for social impact.

They begin with a deep inquiry around a variety of pressing social issues; with animals, always included, and, after choosing a topic they resonate with and feel compelled to change, they paint visual records of the status quo and have their artwork bring it to light.

With the aim of stirring and moving people to get engaged, the students and An Act of Dog, partner with non-profits working to eradicate those issues, and together, we change the world!

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Small hands-Big hearts

We paint with purpose. We make our mark!

The Highest art is created for social impact

Paving the way, Mark Barone painted 5500 shelter dogs to depict the number destroyed, every day in the USA.

Social impact art, engages kids at a depth that's crucial for cultivating compassion and individuality.

Having a voice in society and free speech is crucial to our well being and safety. Art has the power to echo what needs to be seen and transformed so that, all atrocities can reach the light without the fear of further oppression.

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