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Our Two-Part Parallel Vision:

Part One

    • Continue using art and the creative process to stir our collective conscience, educate and inspire change and show young students (our future leaders) how to use their creativity for social good.
    • Create a physical space like never before, for the true purpose of art!  A powerful place for artists, musicians, writers and actors who believe in using their creativity to stir the viewer to face and feel the veiled aspects of life, in order to bring light to those issues and recover our lost humanity.
    • The epi-center for purpose-filled art exhibits, shows, conferences, compassion education talks, and movie screenings that inspire change. An arts-focused business that generates money to fund life-saving/changing groups, creates art advocacy programs for schools/universities, art exhibits, and a powerful place for tourists to visit and support art for social impact.
    • Attracting philanthropists to help us create this interactive and inclusive working space, embraced by walls that feature the 5500 portraits of shelter dogs and important artistic works from other artists.
    • If you are in a financial position to help us fulfill our mission and want to partner with us to create this soul-stirring platform in a permanent space, Sagacity productions and PBS want to create a PART-2 documentary that will feature the philanthropist/s who help us to realize our vision. Contact Mark Barone: info@anactofdog.org

Part Two

  • Using art to help educate, raise awareness and cultivate compassion for companion animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses and many more) and with enough support, going beyond education to raise funds through the sale of art products to give back to rescue groups across the nation.
  •  Joining forces with other organizations to save shelter dogs and cats from an early and needless demise and protecting horses (the unsung heroes and our original "best friends" who have changed our lives in every way for the past 6,000 years) from being round up and slaughtered for human consumption.

Kids are the unwrapped gifts of our future, and we believe that creativity is as important as literacy, yet we are educating our youth out of their creative capacities. Picasso said- "All children are born artists." He understood that creativity cultivates original ideas that have value.

The creative process connects us to what matters and what lights us up and therefore, makes it critically important to put meaningful art back into schools to allow kids the process of self-discovery and to ignite a desire to become informed about the atrocities in society and to use their creativity and compassionate leadership to bring them into the light.


 Our Story                                                    

"I Gave Them My All and They Gave Me Back My Life."
Mark's intention as an artist is to help restore our humanity, bring back the true purpose of art and ensure that all social atrocities are brought into the light for people to get engaged and be a part of the solution; be it for animals or any other issue. He considers this project, his calling.

Mark's personal story of redemption includes two cherished dogs, Santina and Rudy, whose love served as the much-needed catalyst that brought him back to life. Santina was 22 years old when she died, and both Mark and Marina were devastated. Marina had always been a cat lady, but upon meeting Santina, she immediately fell in love and embraced the power of dog love. So much so that she went online to adopt another dog, but instead she discovered the chilling numbers of animals being dumped and destroyed every day. Appalled and compelled to do something about it, she persisted with Mark, until he became willing to look at the graphic evidence and consider ways he could help.

It would have been much easier for them to turn away, but a force much stronger than themselves ensured that turning away was not an option. Within two days, Mark decided he was going to paint the approximate number of dogs killed each day in shelters to illustrate the stark reality of our inhumane animal parenting and sheltering and help us to come together for change. Soon after, An Act of Dog was born and is now using art to lead the revolution for compassionate solutions.
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