Mark Barone

"I gave them my all because they gave me back my life."
Mark's intention as an artist is to help restore our humanity, bring back the true purpose of art and ensure that all social atrocities are brought into the light for people to get engaged and be a part of the solution; be it for animals, Veterans, or any other issue. He considers this project, his calling.

Mark's personal story of redemption includes two cherished dogs, Santina and Rudy, whose love served as the much-needed catalyst that brought him back to life. Santina was 22 years old when she died, and while Mark was devastated, her loss gave him the impetus to help shelter animals that were alone and without love. He painted 5500 portraits of shelter dogs to educate for change and PBS filmed his 4-year journey for their salvation.

Mark has been a narrative painter for 40 years, with his focus on struggles of the human condition. His work is featured in top art publications, awarded and exhibited throughout America and hangs in private and corporate collections around the World. In addition to this his art career, Mark is a national, award-winning consultant to cities across America; showing them how to use the arts to revitalize blighted neighborhoods, and is revered for his successful creation and implementation of the “Paducah Artist Relocation Program,” in Paducah, Kentucky. This cutting-edge program won:
  • Governor’s Award in the Arts,
  • Kentucky Chapter of the American Planning Association Distinguished Planning Award
  • Kentucky Earth Day Award for Preservation
  • National award from the American Planning Association for a Special Community Initiative
  • Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence
Mark devotes his life and artistic talents to social change, and donates his work to support An Act of Dog and Semper Fi Service Dogs.


Marina Barone

Marina is a 30-year veteran of coaching corporate executives from Wall Street and the US Army, to the city of London and Continental Europe. Renowned as a dynamic, powerful, and inspiring coach, she devoted her life to finding compassionate solutions to “people problems” and developed her own system- "The Conflict Cure" for helping leaders, celebrities and couples, identify and successfully navigate through the deluge of human emotions and harmful mental constructs, back to a place of peace and personal power. Marina is also a Tomatis Practitioner, and devoted to helping people listen, learn and communicate with ease. 

Marina is the co-founder of An Act of Dog. She loves working with school kids and seeing the power of their voices through art, and helping save the lives of Veterans with Semper Fi Service Dogs. Marina donates all of her monies from coaching to An Act of Dog and wears many different hats to manage the charity!  For more info: http://thehonestycoach.com



Brenda Cooper 

Emmy-Award-winning Costume Designer, Celebrity Stylist, Color Expert, & Author, Brenda Cooper, generously donates her expertise to help us raise funds and save lives.

Brenda is the mastermind behind the iconic look of the hit TV show, The Nanny, Better Late Than Never, Happily Divorced, and she Co-hosted, E!’s Fashion Emergency. Read about her in Town & Country, Variety, Marie Claire, Vogue, Hollywood Reporter & Vanity Fair, to name a few, and is the go-to style & color expert for A-list celebrities on and off the red carpet and a regular style guru on Access Hollywood!

Get her new book that transforms women from the inside out,( click this link to get your copy). Website: www.brendacooper.com

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