50% off 12" x 12" commissioned pet portraits! Limited time only.


"Happiness doesn't come from serving yourself, it comes from serving others." ~ AAOD

Millions of shelter animals, puppy mill dogs, lab/research dogs, chained dogs, street dogs, and those used in dog fighting rings, are at death's door and without a voice. Because of the compassionate, life-saving work of rescue groups, no-kill animal shelters, fosters, volunteers/transporters, and people like you, who choose to adopt, they will live to know love. 

Our project has been created to educate for compassionate change through our artwork and products and to show kids how to use their creativity for social impact. Ultimately, as we get more financial support, we will be able to fund the needs of the rescue groups involved in saving animals. Trust the force of compassion because you are its fuel!

Shipping is 100% free in the USA, and we ship internationally too!

"Art to stir the conscience of our nation, for the emergence of a compassionate generation." ~ AAOD