Education Partners for Art Advocacy

Kids are the unwrapped gifts of our future, and we believe that it is critically important to put meaningful art back into schools to allow them the process of self discovery and to ignite a desire to become informed about the atrocities in society and to use their creativity to bring them into the light.

Art, when created for social change, engages kids at a depth that is crucial for cultivating collective happiness and social cohesion, and it catalyzes them into creating and promoting solutions for sustainable development. This approach will arm tomorrow's leaders with the necessary skills to unite our differences and promote intercultural dialogue with no-one left behind... including our animal friends.

Waldorf School of Santa Fe, NM


Stonehill Middle School, VA  


Creativity is as important as literacy, yet we are educating our youth out of their creative capacities. Picasso said- "All children are born artists." He understood that creativity cultivates original ideas that have value.  The creative process connects us to what matters and what lights us up, and helps us enjoy our lives, instead of enduring our lives.    

If you would like to have us partner with your school, please contact us for more information at this link: