Oreo Modern ~ Dog Print

Oreo comes as a stunning, fine art Giclée Print, and is one of the dog portraits from our 5500 wall of compassion exhibit. 

Oreo was a beautiful, one-year-old dog, thrown off the roof of a six-floor Brooklyn Apartment in 2009. (She had 2 broken legs and a fractured rib). The ASPCA nursed her back to health, raised funds to aid her recovery and named her the Miracle Dog.

Sadly, Ed Sayers, who was President at that time, tagged her as aggressive and decided to kill her, despite photographs depicting her as loving and passive. Even though NY Pets Alive Sanctuary came on board to rescue and rehabilitate her in their safe haven, and many other groups stepped up to help, they preferred to take her life away, rather than choosing compassion. He also aided the demise of legislation (Oreo's Law) that would have required shelters to adopt out to rescues before destroying; saving 25,000 NY animals a year!

  • Comes personally signed by the artist, Mark Barone. 
  • 100% of proceeds used to educate and save lives. 
  • Print is a 20 x 20-inch Giclée.
  • 100lb archival paper/inks made to last up to 200 years.
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the USA!

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