JoJo ~ NMDOG Rescue Print

JoJo, was a twelve-year old black Labrador mix who, in 2004, broke free from the chain that kept him constantly tethered. When he “rescued” his new forever human companion, Angela Stell, the chain was tightly wrapped around his neck, he was emaciated and had lost much of his fur. JoJo’s gentle nature, fierce determination and ability to work with other dogs was the inspiration for the 2011 founding of NMDOG, a non-profit rescue group, focused on helping the most vulnerable dogs who have been chained, abused or abandoned. 

  • 50% of proceeds go to NMDOG Rescue
  • Beautiful print of JoJo comes signed by Mark Barone
  • 13"x19" Giclee Print
  • Lasts up to 200 years on archival paper 
  • Shipping is free in USA

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