Sophia, a beautiful bully breed, was dumped by her family and went into in a desperate panic when she was handed her over and realized they were never coming back for her. Sophia cried for her family during the final three days of her life before they needlessly killed her. (2/19/2013).

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is killing millions of these precious souls every year, with many states refusing to overturn their ban and others covertly killing them first, under the guise of "too aggressive to adopt out."

Did you know that the bully breeds where once considered the "Nanny Dog" because of their inherent gentle and protective nature? Now we are extinguishing them instead.

In addition to the BSL discrimination laws, our shelters are killing over 8,000 cats a day, and one such cat from our exhibit, called "Porkchop" - was killed in 60 seconds!  There are successful solutions being used by progressive shelters nationwide, and with your help we can ensure a beautiful life for all breeds of dogs and our awesome cats, too.

Thank you for investing your kindness. Your donation will help us save lives.

You will receive a complimentary night light for your kindness!

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