Isis-Daisy-killed, (10/30/2013) was a beautiful (deaf) boxer/dalmation mix that was killed by Bay County Animal Control, Panama City, Fla. Her story was a double tragedy, because when her owner could no longer keep her, but did not want to turn her in to a high kill shelter, she posted Daisy on Craigs list and thought she had found a good home for her. Ten days after the new family adopted Isis-Daisy, they turned her in to the shelter. By the time the original owner found out, she was already dead. 

Did you know that owner surrendered pets have to sign a waiver that gives the shelter the right to kill them immediately? They are often brought back when the family discovers that they need training, are messy like babies, or grow up to be much bigger than they expected.

With the right education and matchmaking, we can all be responsible parents for our pets and commit to a lifetime of love. 

Your kind donation will help to change our relationship to animals and help to build a nation of humane parents.

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