Rescue Rewards

Fronting the revolution for compassionate solutions!

Millions of shelter animals, puppy mill dogs, lab/research dogs, Chained Dogs, and those used in dog fighting rings, are at death's door and without a voice. But because of the compassionate, life saving work of rescue groups, no kill shelters, fosters and transporters, many of them will live to know love and experience a happy life.

Our project was created to fund the needs of these animals and all of the groups involved in saving them. Sadly, these crucial organizations are severely underfunded and cannot afford to save them all without our collective support. Our rewards donations allow them to pull shelter animals to safety, but the costs to keep these animals healthy and with good medical care, can run into the thousands for just one animal.

Every product saves a shelter animal! 

When you buy our products, we divide 100% of the proceeds to the 100 rescue organizations in our partner program (from all 50 states).  It's dog art with heart!