5500 Collectors Circle

This is Mark,

The PBS featured artist who put it all on the line to show the stark reality of what happens to our shelter animals in the USA. I donated 4-years of my time, talents, and resources to paint a visual record of the 5500 dogs destroyed, every day, because their lives are not ours to take away.

Right now, those 5500 sacred souls are wondering if their lives ever mattered. Their purpose, along with mine is invested in saving the rest of our forgotten shelter animals and helping our partner at "Semper Fi Service Dogs" who rescue abandoned dogs from shelters and train them to our save our courageous Veterans.

I’m seeking a special group of stewards, and yes, that’s you, to belong to An Act of Dog’s, first and only, private collectors circle. 

A small act of kindness for $1-a day, I invite you; my friends, supporters, and animal advocates to get at least one of the 5500 paintings of promise and give these pups a place to finally call home.  I believe our lives have intersected because our hearts are connected to what matters most; compassion.

Will you be their angel and open up your home?

While I'm grateful to have over 50,000 supporters, sadly,

I don't have room for everyone to be a part of our collectors circle.

My wish is for you to be one of them. You decide.

Because I don’t want you to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I'm giving them to you for a tiny fraction of their true value and with 6-easy pays to make belonging even easier.

When you become a steward, and paid in full, you will be sent our fb album with over 100 dog portraits to choose from. You'll receive: 

  • A soulful dog portrait-you pick

  • A Certificate of authenticity & Value

  • Size: 12" x 12" oil on panel dog portrait

  • Comes ready to hang & free shipping in USA

  • A personal thank you note from Mark Barone