Horse Slaughter


Horses are the original unsung heroes and man's best friend for over 6,000 years.

Did you know that over 125,000 Horses are exported from USA auctions to Canda and Mexico to be slaughtered for Horse meat and sold to the highest bidder to satisfy the palettes of fine diners in Europe and Asia but are now finding their way into the American food system?

Former US-based, foreign-owned horse slaughter companies and some trade associations that support horse slaughter have contributed to the export of tens of thousands of America's Horses for slaughter, either by physically shipping horses to slaughter or by actively opposing legislation to ban horse slaughter.


  • 93% of Horses at slaughter are very healthy
  • Horse slaughterhouses thrived in the USA until 2007
  • 1,000's more are stolen by Horse Thieves and sold for meat
  • The USA holds auctions for "Killer buyers" across the nation
  • These horses are loaded with BUTE, which is toxic to humans
  • They are shipped in overcrowded trailers without food or water
  • "Men" use fiberglass rods to beat them into their tiny kill boxes
  • They are stabbed repeatedly with a Puntilla knife until paralyzed
  • The Horses are hung up by their hind legs and get their throats slit
  • Once drained of blood, they are chopped and become someone's dinner
  • The BLM sells all wild horses age 10 & over for horse meat if not adopted
  • Congress failed to Pass the "SAFE ACT" to stop exportation for slaughter


Because of our inhumanity, all types of Horses meet this very cruel and cold fate at U.S. auctions for horsemeat: Show Horses, Racehorses, Foals, (used for the female hormone Premarin), Wild Horses, Burros and Family Horses. 

I am painting the plight of these horses with the aim of waking up our humanity and compelling us to stop the killing of these beautiful souls. Please get involved and always look to Horse Rescues for adoption and contact Congress to pass the SAFE act.

You can support our charity by shopping at our store, donating or having me commission a portrait of your Horse/s and any other animals.