LUCY ~ OPIN Rescue Print

Lucy is a dog OPIN saved on a bitter, cold day, January 26, 2013.  Lucy was a breeding dog who was left outside locked in a crate with her two pups.  Her owner covered her crate with a tarp and placed a space heater in the crate.  The tarp caught fire and Lucy fought to shield her pups from the fire.  Lucy's pups perished and she suffered burns to over 50% of her body.

OPIN Rescue took her into their rescue and provided the critical medical care she needed, ($18,000). 47 countries reached out to help Lucy as she spent 6 weeks in the hospital. Even though she lost her tail because it was too badly burned, she never lost her spirit. May 2013, Lucy was officially adopted by the two vet tech sisters who cared for her from day one.  In October 2013, Lucy joined OPIN at Pit Bull Awareness Day. Learn more about OPIN.

  • 50% of proceeds go to OPIN Rescue
  • Beautiful print of Lucy comes signed by Mark Barone
  • 13" x 20" Giclee Print
  • Lasts up to 200 years on archival paper 
  • Shipping is free in USA

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