Lennox/ Ban BSL - Giclée Dog Print

Lennox's story stole everyone's heart across the world, and people protested to keep him alive. Sadly, his life was put in the hands of inhumane council members and dog wardens, who lied and chose to kill him. BSL is killing dogs across the world, and it is up to us to come together to save them. Lennox's sacred soul lives on through all of us, asking us to lead the way for a worldwide ban on Breed Specific Legislation, (BSL). 

This stunning, fine art reproduction (not an inferior poster) is a Giclée Print, of an 8x8ft dog portrait from our 5500 museum of compassion exhibit. It's dog art with heart!

100% of proceeds are used to educate for change.

  • Print is a 22" x 29"  Giclée.
  • 100lb archival paper/inks made to last up to 200 years.
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the USA!

This is what Lennox's family had to say upon seeing his painted soul...

"I just cannot find the words to explain how amazed, emotional, sad, and happy I feel right now, after seeing Lennox's portrait. It just got me and Caroline in absolute tears of joy and sadness all at the same time. Your artwork is truly jaw-dropping. I can honestly tell you that we felt the spirits of each beautiful dog from those paintings. We're all absolutely in love with you guys and we know that your project is going to touch so many people around the world. There's no way that this project will not have an effect and cause change, and we're so very proud to know you both and that you decided to take our beautiful boy, Lennox into your hearts and to immortalize him through the medium of art."

~ The Barnes Family

Read his tragic story here: http://www.thelennoxcampaign.co.uk

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