Shelter dog, Marissa-#A148569

by Mark Barone April 03, 2014

Please share to remember "Marissa" # A148569, and all the shelter animals who are given a number and never honored with a chance at life or the grace of being named. Killed-11/8/13

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Mark Barone
Mark Barone


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Mollie Whitehead
Mollie Whitehead

November 15, 2014

We are but foot soldiers in this war. As in all wars there are those that immerge and show true leadership. Mark Barone and Marina Dervon are two such warriors.
They have committed like few others to end the senseless murder of millions of companion animals in the U.S. and around the world. Just as in all wars, you have to start the fight in one place and they chose the United States. The battle cry “Make the United States the First True No-Kill Nation in the World”.
Let these 16 nightlights illuminate the way for many people wishing to join in this monumental endeavor. The hope, joy, sadness, and fear is seen on the faces of each and every dog in this exhibit. That emotion is tranferred onto the nightlights and takes my breath every time I look at one of them.
I have bought 12 of the 16 to date and will be purchasing the remaining 4 in the next week. Join the war and become a part of the solution and don’t remain part of the problem.
We are but foot soldiers in this war.

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